Growing up in a small town and raised by quite the extended family in Southern Indiana, the importance of cherishing every moment and creating lasting memories are paramount to me.  I've used photography as an outlet for artistry, creativity, and the ability to create still moments in time so they can be relived indefinitely.  At a time when there seems to be a photographer around every corner I take comfort knowing that training, expertise, and professionalism assure clients my best.  I pride myself on being reliable, professional, and upfront always and without exception. 

Its been an honor to join my peers among the Professional Photographers of America and be accepted as a member of the Indiana Professional Photographers Guild. I firmly believe there is no end to refining your skill set and striving to be your best.  I continue learning and will always be in search of new and exciting ways to expand my knowledge. My goal is to never lose sight of what matters most, to enjoy life and through photography help others "see" the world a little differently.